When mirror becomes more than just physical reflection of ourselves, when, suddenly, we are able to see MORE than everything we would ever imagine. That is the beginning of the SMART era…

Internet is not just an innovation, it becomes a phenomenon. We got used to it to that extent that we consider it to be part of our everyday life. Those who say otherwise, are just lying to themselves. And those who are afraid that innovations would step by step take every piece of their privacy, are feeding groundless fears which are not, by any means, helping the essential development.

Because in the world where things of everyday use, such as mirror, are finally getting their online dimension, one of the most crucial steps is, to put trust into their affectivity and development.

Next steps are necessary

Let’s be honest. Times when we could lose our data just because they were not stored properly are certainly gone. Most of everything important and precious is already on Cloud and none of us is actually thinking about how weird it is to use an imaginary space out of our possibilities of understanding as a storage place. But what comes next?

More than 39,4% of world population is using internet everyday, and 22% even buy things online. We cannot argue with the fact that this number is so high that the implementation of the things of everyday use into personalized selling is just the matter of time. Things that people use on regular basis and would appreciate if they would become so called SMART.


Therefore, our idea, to make a mirror, in front of which women spend 13,5 and men 6 months of their lives, more than just typical accessory in your household, could be considered as visionary.

When technology and craftsmen come together

It is nothing new that Smart Vikings, as a part of The Collective grouping and now even through its own division AJNFACH, is engaged in the functional furnishing of the offices and creation of designed and non-standard furniture accessories. We have been part of the project, such as TASR, Martinus, Biarium’s 0100 Campus and others. Therefore, we have decided that the time when we should combine software technology with craftsmanship, is finally here. And we can proudly introduce you our first prototype in the field of Smart Furniture, so called SMART MIRROR.

What we are actually talking about?

We spend more than 168 hours per year in front of the mirror. And not just  at home. We stare to one of them in the elevators, in public bathrooms, shopping malls or even in the car. Imagine, that you could use this time for something more than looking. Imagine that your mirror would be SMART. Interactive. Tailor made and based on your own preferences.

It would be up to you, what kind of information you would love to see and to which extend.

Current news, messages from friends, missed calls, weather forecast or traffic information just in case something unexpected happened on the way to your work.


Moreover, SMART mirror would know that it is you, who is standing in front of it, so you would certainly only see = things that you have chosen in advance through your own profile.

When home does not end on your doorstep

To have one in the bathroom is great, but what about all the common space outside? All the lifts and changing rooms in shopping malls, mirror walls in banks and restaurants? SMART MIRROR placed in there, would quickly and easily communicate the newest products and services targeted precisely on particular clients. The only thing necessary is couple of minutes that they spend in the elevator or public bathroom during their stay.

The world of IoT is here

People still think it is just the matter of future possibilities, but let’s be honest; future is already here, knocking on our door. And our first prototype of SMART MIRROR is one of the physical proofs that could not be argued.